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Why Choose Us?

Cost Effectiveness

No need to purchase any cleaning supplies. No need to purchase (or maintain) equipment. No additional costs for water and electricity. Annual service costs offset ongoing in house costs.

Employee Efficiency

Valuable employee time isn't consumed with laundering linens and/or towels. Staff can focus on the business of doing business - servicing clients and managing day-to-day business affairs.

Quality Cleaning

Mr Linen washes, sanitizes, and packages everything to ensure the highest standard of cleaning. Expert cleaning staff accommodates any special client pre-requisites, depending on need.

Service Guarantee

Pickup and delivery are prompt and reliable, ensuring that client schedules are fulfilled. There are NO additional charges with Mr Linen – every service package is billed at FLAT RATE.

Bottom Line ROI

While the cost of outsourcing linen cleaning and/or towel services is an additional overhead cost, the substantial savings that are generated make the dollar investment well worthwhile.

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For every business owner, large or small, improving efficiencies and trimming overhead is critical to the bottom line. This is especially true for businesses that need continuous linen and towel cleaning, regular uniform services, even floor-mat cleaning. The big debate, of course, is whether to outsource these types of necessary services, when they can be readily performed in house, and by employees that are already on a salary.

In fact, today there are a number of benefits to outsourcing, and saving money is actually one of the benefits. Big picture - outsourcing these services makes economic sense. With Mr Linen, all of the equipment and manpower that's required to maintain linens and towels is removed. There's no need for cleaning supplies, no exorbitant utility costs, and little or no staff involvement. Best of all, there's no more pressure on employees. With a company like Mr Linen, clients are assured of quality service, prompt turnaround, and a level of reliability that is unmatched in the industry. With flat rate contracts, the team at Mr Linen guarantees NO extra charges and NO additional costs. Linens, towels, and uniforms are collected, laundered, packaged and delivered - on time, and as promised. And everything is handled under one roof - there are no outside suppliers.

Our Services


Very much a specialty, medical linens require a special approach from skilled cleaning experts. Whatever the medical facility, linens must be clean, hygienic, and sterile to fault. At Mr Linen, medical linens are specially sorted, washed, and dried. Special attention is given to scrub suits, patient gowns, linens and towels, and special cleaning agents are used in the process.


With Mr Linen, employees and staff are assured of clean, pressed uniforms every time they step out. There's no need for personal home laundry, and no need for any internal management. From work apparel, to coveralls, to chef wear, every uniform is delivered on time and on schedule, allowing employees to perform their duties in comfort and confidence.


Mr Linen provides towel-cleaning services for a wide variety of business, including health clubs, massage clinics, and hair salons (just to name a few). In house cleaning experts customize each service to suit specific business needs. With quality cleaning standards in mind, towel-cleaning services are fast and reliable, with prompt pickup and delivery every time.


Hospitality is what we do best at Mr Linen. We provide linens for banquet halls, restaurants, and other special event venues. We supply your event with table clothes, dinner napkins, chair covers, and more so you’ll have an amazing and memorable evening. With all the right linens, all at the right time, you’ll never have to worry. Whatever the event, we’ve got you covered!


At Mr. Linen, we know just how important it is to have a hotel or motel that is running smoothly. That’s why it’s important to keep your guests satisfied with Mr. Linen’s signature linens. We ensure that your facility is well stocked with the best quality sheets, towels, pillowcases, face cloths, duvets, blankets, and more. Your guests will thank you and keep coming back for more.


Are you an Airbnb host with a busy life? We totally understand! After all, the practice is becoming more and more popular and Mr. Linen is on top of it. We provide your home with all of the necessary linens to give your guests a wonderful stay. You won’t ever have to think about having the right amount of sheets, towels, pillowcases, blankets, or face cloths. Be the best host you can be with Mr. Linen.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Outsourcing our towel cleaning workload has dramatically improved our efficiency, especially when compared to doing it all in house. It’s an added cost, but our staff can now focus on their daily work instead. For us, staff productivity is far more cost worthy. Better still, we don’t have to buy any more cleaning products, or maintain any machinery – it makes a lot of business sense.


We like the idea of flat rates for our uniform cleaning. We don’t have any surprise charges, so we always stay on budget. Our staff are happy to have clean, pressed uniforms, and even happier not to have the hassle of doing it all at home. It’s definitely an added cost for us, but it’s a bit of a bonus for our employees, and it seems to promote a better attitude to the work.


As a massage clinic with a lot of daily traffic, we like the idea that our linens are clean and sterile when we get them back. We know that Mr Linen provides a more specialized service with these types of linens, and we couldn’t do without it. We often have a high volume of cleaning to do, so reliable pickup and delivery is crucial in keeping both the staff and our clients happy.


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